Nov 032010

Time for more wireless updates:

  • Here’s a great article about the British precursor to LORAN: “GEE.” GEE was one of the first implementations of the “Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDOA)” concept used in some modern RTLS implementations.
  • A simple explanation of Ekahau RTLS: “The Perfect Pairing of RF and IR.”
  • Whatever happened to TV Channel One? Find out here. Hat Tip: Steven J. Crowley
  • A detailed survey of telecommunications litigation is here. Yet another Hat Tip to Steven J. Crowley.
  • Matthew Lasar asks if the likes of Pandora are poised to kill AM/FM radio at Ars Technica.
  • RFID Bracelet Turns Admission Ticket into a Fashionable Item – at least according to the vendor’s press release. Hat Tip: Ajay Malik
  • FCC approves RF power transfer device (EDN). This is a much longer range system than “PowerMat,” mentioned here a few months back.
May 122010

From the July 1927 issue of Popular Science, the ‘latest’ thinking on “Wireless Power Transfer.”

The article quotes contemporary expert opinion from such luminaries as Steinmetz, Tesla, and Marconi. As Marconi noted: “the transmission of power by electrical waves awaited only the perfection of devices for projecting the waves in parallel beams in such a manner as to minimize dispersion and diffusion of energy into space.” Sorry Guglielmo, but we’re still waiting today for that particular perfection.

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