Wes Michaels turned 58 this past Thursday, but didn’t celebrate his birthday. He and his family were going to commemorate Wes’s birthday in conjunction with Fathers’ Day, today. Now that’s not going to happen either. On Thursday a tornado ripped through the gas station Wes owned in Mentor, MN. He […]

A Father’s Day Story

Medium to heavy coffee drinkers may achieve negligible increases in alertness due to their tolerance to caffeine. Good thing I have only a couple of small cups a day. For the health benefits. 2
European researchers argue their results demonstrate that “medium to heavy” coffee drinkers receive no additional alertness from coffee – the sole benefit is avoiding headaches and withdrawal symptoms. Good thing I’m only a moderate coffee drinker – a couple of cups a day is my limit. Hopefully, that will be […]

Controversial Coffee Research

The Czarina has an interesting account of a run-in with attempted credit card fraud from her point-of-view as a merchant. Moral – someone who insists on a partial payment via Western Union upfront to be reimbursed via credit card is NOT your friend. And if a merchant accepts a fraudulent […]

Credit Card Fraud

The Czarina is guest blogging at on being mother of two sets of twins. As a father of two sets of twins, it’s hard for me to imagine it being any other way. UPDATE: When it rains it pours – the Czarina’s Baby Dipper Feeding Set was also featured […]

Having Twins Twice

poison help_157x157
One of the investors in Q-Track is a pediatric emergency doctor. When he visited our office during an open house, he learned I had twin girls. His response was – “Then I’ll probably be seeing you in my ER, eventually.” Of course, he was right. Now I have not only […]

Poison Control: Thanks!