The Czarina has an interesting account of a run-in with attempted credit card fraud from her point-of-view as a merchant. Moral – someone who insists on a partial payment via Western Union upfront to be reimbursed via credit card is NOT your friend. And if a merchant accepts a fraudulent […]

Credit Card Fraud

The Czarina is guest blogging at on being mother of two sets of twins. As a father of two sets of twins, it’s hard for me to imagine it being any other way. UPDATE: When it rains it pours – the Czarina’s Baby Dipper Feeding Set was also featured […]

Having Twins Twice

poison help_157x157
One of the investors in Q-Track is a pediatric emergency doctor. When he visited our office during an open house, he learned I had twin girls. His response was – “Then I’ll probably be seeing you in my ER, eventually.” Of course, he was right. Now I have not only […]

Poison Control: Thanks!